Vanille Dips

Vanille’s newest line of artisanal desserts features a dazzling menu of frozen vanilla custard cones hand-dipped in a variety of European chocolates and topped with tasty treats. Classic cones are available in eight types of chocolate, including dark, milk, white and Ruby chocolate, the recently introduced Fourth chocolate that bears a berry-fruitiness. Ooh Là Là cones are available in 11 creative flavor combinations, and are tailored for customers seeking an “over-the-top” dessert experience.
Vanille is the first in Chicago to offer frozen custard, cones, and couverture chocolate in this way. This dessert honors our commitment to offer modern flavors for the contemporary palette using quality ingredients and artisan detail. Now available in HYDE PARK and LAKEVIEW EAST!
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Lincoln Park
2108 N. Clark st.
Chicago, IL 60614

Chicago French Market
131 N. Clinton St.
Chicago, IL 60661