How much do cakes cost?

Wedding cakes start at $8.00 per serving. Undecorated side cakes start at $5.00 per serving. All cakes include three layers of cake, two layers of filling and buttercream finish. Fondant is an additional $1/serving.

For wedding cakes and tasting appointments, there is a minimum order of $500.00.

How do I order a cake?

Whether you are ordering a wedding cake or special occasion cake, please contact one of our patisserie specialist at (773)-868-4574 or To best serve you, please have date of event, number of servings, venue, any ideas and/or descriptions you might have for the design of your cake.

How do I set up a wedding cake tasting appointment?

Wedding cake tastings are held in our private tasting room* and are scheduled by appointment only. Please allow one hour. Tasting appointments are available at set times, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and select Saturdays. The tastings are arranged for servings for up to 2 people. Arrangements can be made for additional people. Additional cake servings can be prepared for an additional fee.

What is included in a tasting appointment and how much does it cost?

Wedding tasting appointments are $50 and include 5 flavors of cake for 2 people. Additional people may join the tasting for an additional fee of $10/person. Mini cakes are prepared for the tasting, made to order. We recommend tasting no more than 5 flavors. After five flavors the palate tends to get muddled. Please email or fill out this form to request a tasting appointment. Tasting appointments are only at our 2108 N. Clark location.

How do I set up a tasting appointment for something besides a wedding?

We only offer tasting appointments to wedding customers or for special occasions cakes that meet the $500.00 order minimum. If you would like to order a smaller cake for a special occasion, a 4" mini tasting cake can be ordered for pick up for $20.

What about favors or sweet tables?

Vanille offers mini pastries and candies to create a luxurious and delicious sweet table as well as favors. Six types of petit fours from our menu can be sampled at your tasting appointment for an additional fee. Some seasonal items may not be available but we can offer you an example of the type of petit four (mini tart, macaron, etc). Please see our menu here.

Where can I see examples of the cake designs?

There is a cake portfolio available at all of our locations and online on our website,

Can I order a custom flavor?

Our cake menu has been crafted to thoughtfully pair our cakes and fillings to best showcase the flavors and textures. We recommend choosing a flavor already shown as these are combinations we know work well together. We do not prepare any cakes or fillings off of the menu.

How far in advance should I order my wedding cake?

We recommend a minimum of three months to a year for wedding cake orders.

Why is there limited availability for cakes?

We are only accepting a limited number of orders and have a limited number of tasting appointments per week based on capacity in order to provide the best customer service and highest quality wedding and special occasion cakes. Weddings are important and we want to give such a special event the time it deserves.

Do you offer decorated Styrofoam cakes?

Vanille takes pride in our quality and custom artistry. We feel a decorated styrofoam cake does not represent the true essence of a wedding cake. Vanille does not offer Styrofoam decorated cakes.

Why is there a deposit?

There is a 50% deposit required to confirm all cake orders. Since we make everything from scratch, the deposit goes towards buying ingredients, creating your custom décor and guaranteeing the time needed to give you the best cake possible.

What is fondant and why do we use it?

Fondant is an edible sugar paste and is neither gluten free nor vegan. We believe fondant has an elegant finish, requires significantly less color to be added and provides our designers with the most options for décor. Our fondant is a thin layer that can easily be removed after slicing the cake. Our custom special occasion and wedding cakes can be ordered with or without fondant.

Why can’t I customize my side cakes?

We recognize there may be limitations with a decorated cake for your wedding or special event. We offer side cakes to address the needs of our customers to offer their guests the number of servings and flavors desired. In order to keep the cost affordable, our side cakes are standardized with three layers of cake, two layers of filling and buttercream finish and a minimum of 20 servings. Our custom special occasion and wedding cakes can be ordered with or without fondant and with different cake layers and fillings.

How do you address food allergies?

All cakes, fillings, and buttercreams are made and cakes are decorated in a kitchen that uses and produces products that may contain or come in contact with milk, wheat, nuts, soy and other potential food allergens. It is the customer’s responsibility to notify event guests and any other necessary parties of this risk.

What is cost of delivery for wedding cakes?

We take special care if all of cakes, but especially wedding cakes. Our base rate is $50.00 within 5 miles of Vanille. Delivers more than 10 miles or that require additional set up time will incur additional changes based on time and/or mileage.


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