Two Locations

New Location
2108 N. Clark st.
Chicago, IL 60614 ‎

Chicago French Market, 131 N. Clinton St.
Chicago, IL 60661

Patisserie Selections

Patisserie, pronounced (puh-TIHS-uh-ree), is the French word for French pastry shop, or bakery that specializes in French pastries. For anyone who has traveled to France, the artistry of traditional French pastry is hard to miss, causing many a visitor to stop in their tracks and gawk at the beauty of those glorious Patisserie displays found on every city block.  
Vanille Patisserie brings the soul and spirit of the authentic French pastry shop to Chicago with its selections of artisanal French desserts and pastries, including delicious entremets (mousse cakes), luscious tarts, handmade French chocolates and candies and the ever-popular French Macarons and freshly baked croissants. While large entremets, French tarts and petit fours must by ordered in advance, the rest of our Patisserie selections are available in our two locations and through the finest retailers.
Please review our full menu for Vanille's Patisserie selections. We invite you to visit our stores to see for yourself what makes Vanille Patisserie stand in class by itself, or contact us by phone or email to place an order for pickup or courier delivery.