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Confections and Chocolate

Our handcrafted line of traditional French confections and chocolates includes our addictive pate de fruit, creamy nougat bars, luscious butter caramels, and decadent chocolate bars. Adhering to long-revered standards for traditional French confectionary technique, our award-winning pastry chefs deliver exquisite renditions of these classic French candies, each a novel expression of taste and artistry that provokes surprise and delight at what stood the test of time as the ultimate sweet indulgence.
Please review our Confections menu and contact us to place your order by phone or email or visit us at one of our stores. Confection orders do not require advance notice, but call the store to check availability or if you are looking for particular flavor or large assortement.
See below for a more detailed description of our exquisite collection handcrafted French Confections:
Pate de Fruit
Pate de Fruit, (PAHT duh fwee) is a traditional French candy made from fresh fruit puree reduced and intensified into chewy squares of sugar-dusted candy. We make our pate de fruit as only the French would, rendering our fruit purees into an intensely fruity jam, which we cut into squares and drizzle with sugar crystals. Be forewarned - the intensely jammy taste of pure fruit lingers on your palate long after you swallow. Once you’ve tasted authentic French pate de fruit, it could become a lifelong obsession.
Nougat Bars
We handcraft our nougat bars in the style of Montélimar, France – universally known as the “City of the Nougat.” We use the same time-honored tradition of combining fluffy egg whites with artisan honey and freshly roasted almond and pistachios, according to precise standards. The result is a featherweight white candy that takes it creamy color from the meringue. Our nougat bars, chewy and malleable with tender sweetness and nutty density are an elegant addition to any gathering—French or otherwise.
Butter Caramels
We make our butter caramels in the classic French way, slowly caramelizing sugar into a deep dark river of color, then expertly blending it with European-style cultured butter, heavy cream and fleur de sel. Soft and gooey, our melt-in-your-mouth butter caramels have a restrained sweetness and slight edge of bitterness that allows the distinctive flavor of our French-style caramel to shine through. Our large and small gift tubes include individually wrapped caramels, tootsie roll style.


Our handcrafted chocolate bars start with only the finest chocolate, using premium Cacao Barry® dark, milk or white chocolate as our base. Our chocolatiers use expert French technique to preserve the purity of this rich chocolate while transforming it into smooth and luscious chocolate bars with inventive flavor profiles. Taking advantage of the wealth of creations churning from our busy pastry kitchen, we invent decadent chocolate creations that incorporate housemade ingredients, such as butter caramel, toffee brittle, toasted nuts and candied citrus peels. We also take chocolate in exotic new directions through our Tea Candy Bar line, infusing chocolate with award-winning Rishi Tea and subtle aromatics.

Please review our Chocolate Bar menu of flavors and contact us to place your order by phone or email or visit us at one of stores. Chocolate bar orders do not require advance notice, but call the store to check availability if you are looking for a particular flavor or large assortment.